Welcome to the website of the Neuroscience Task Force of the Department of Biotechnology, India.

This site is a resource for researchers to apply for grants, forge collaborations, find contacts and generally promote neuroscience.

The Department of Biotechnology, India, supports basic and applied research in all areas of neuroscience. Grants in this area are assessed by the Expert group on Neurosciences, Biomarkers and Neuro-engineering, of the Task Force of Chronic Disease Biology. This is referred to in brief as the Neuroscience Task Force on this web page. The Task Force considers proposals in all areas of neuroscience including but not limited to behaviour, physiology, anatomy, all medical aspects of neurobiology, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, imaging, genetics, systems neuroscience and developmental neurobiology. The Task force is also interested in encouraging other activities that will promote the development of neuroscience in the country.



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