Hints for filling eProMIS grant submissions

These suggestions for eProMIS submissions have been put together by the Research Development Office at NCBS. We thank them for the use of this document.
PIs are requested to contact Ms Bindhu Sreekesh, DBT eProMIS tech support at 011-24364160 or epromis.dbt@nic.in for detailed technical eProMIS queries.

eProMIS Access:

  • The eProMIS system can be accessed at http://dbtepromis.gov.in/Login.aspx.
  • An account has to be created first by registering at the website following which a log-in ID and password will be created.
  • The system is best accessed via Internet Explorer 6 and above or Firefox. Safari and Google Chrome do not work as well.

Before you get started:

  • Do login and take a look at the various fields before putting your proposal together.
  • Most sections on the eProMIS form are similar to counterparts on the standard R&D form.
  • In case of multi-institutional proposals, institute-wise break up of objectives, work plan, timelines and budget are required for the upload. It would be advisable to give some thought to this ahead of the upload.
  • In case regulatory or ethical clearance is required for the proposed work appropriate clearance documents will need to be uploaded on to the system. Please ensure you have these documents in place prior to the upload.
  • Quotations are mandatory for equipment items requested on the grant. Please ensure you have these documents in place prior to the upload.
  • Bank account detail for transfer of funds is mandatory. In case of multi-institutional grants these details will be required for individual participating institutions. Please ensure you have these details available prior to the upload.

Getting started:

  • A subject area needs to be chosen in the general information section online. This will direct the R&D proposal to the appropriate task force.
  • There are various sections of the form that need input for upload of the proposal on eProMIS. Data entered into each section needs to be saved every 20 minutes to avoid data loss. In addition, several fields are mandatory and need to be filled before the system will allow data to be saved. We suggest typing in “abc” into each field and saving once. You can then reenter the form and continue editing and saving (once in 20 minutes).
  • There needs to be a PI for each participating institution for multi-centre grants.

Project Details:

  • Details for individual sections will need to be entered online, with due attention to the character/word limits. The system does truncate text overflowing this limit.
  • Details on Project(s) Submitted / being pursued / carried out by Investigator will need to be uploaded as a separate file in the format which can be downloaded from the eProMIS website.
  • Figures, flowchart & photographs (if any) in the proposal will need to be uploaded as a separate PDF.
  • Objectives, workplan and timelines need to be specified separately for each participating institution for multi-centre grants.


  • Budget numbers need to be filled in whole number INR.
  • Manpower costs: Input is required as monthly emoluments following which the system automatically calculates the yearly costs.
  • Quotations are mandatory for equipments requested on the grant.
  • Consumable costs: requires statement of requested quantity of each item and cost/item based on which the system calculates yearly costs.
  • Budgets need to be completed separately for each participating institution for multi-centre grants.


  • In addition to filling of details online, PDF of the CV in the DBT format can be uploaded.


  • It is mandatory to upload a scanned Declaration document with signatures of all the PIs on the grant and the sign and seal of the Executive authority.


  • Submission is online via eProMIS.
  • Once the proposal is submitted, PIs need to print a PDF version of this submission off the system and send the required number of hard copies and a soft copy on a CD to the designated program officer.
  • The permanent registration number assigned to the application (see below) may be stated in the cover letter for easy reference by the program officer in DBT.

Post-submission acknowledgment:

  • The PI will first receive a system-generated email assigning the submitted proposal a temporary reference number.
  • In due course, the proposal will be assigned to a Task Force based on the original choice in eProMIS. At this point, the PI will receive a second system-generated email confirming the permanent registration number and details of the Task Force and Program officer.