Applying for grants

Deadlines: 1 September 2013 for December 2013 round, 1 January 2014 for  April 2014 round.


Initiatives in Neuroscience Education
The DBT Neuro task force has funded two Initiatives in Neuroscience education:

  • INCRE: Initiative in Neuro-Clinical Research Education. This provides funding for clinicians who wish to undertake neuroscience research at a recognized research institution.
    The detailed application format is here:
  • INCNE: Initiative in Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience Education.

This supports several schemes for student/postdoc travel to meetings, workshops, and courses; for collaborative activities involving student travel; and for inviting visiting scientists who are already attending a meeting/workshop in India to travel to other institutions for seminars  and interactions. It also supports computational neuroscience workshops.